my tru heart

Peace, I am Shawny!

Im a passionate woman who loves life and loves fiercely- A wife and mother, Community builder, Mentor, Hip Hop Head, and now Unexpected Entrepreneur.

Being a photographer is quite the surprise for me, however, because my life work has been loving , empowering, and being a voice for those unseen and unheard and underserved, it's an amazing fit.

It an honor to be a trusted safe space for thousands for over 20 years. I listen and understand how to VALUE and APPRECIATE peoples life stories and sacred moments and their hard work/passions.

I am also an Artist, a Creative- I am a Bgirl (commonly known as a Breaker, or Break Dancer) so I understand hold with deep and personal experience the power of movement, performance and culture.

I naturally see what is powerful, what is beautiful, what is moving and what is TRU, and that is what I capture with my camera.

I look forward to knowing you, celebrating you - and helping to capture and elevate your story, your business, your event and your family.