HI, Im Shawny

The face behind the lens & driving force of TRU Heart Photo. thank you for taking time to connect with me and my business. I'm based in Flint, Michigan, It's an honor to serve amazing clients all over Michigan and beyond. I'm excited to build with you!

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Regina Hatter, Snacky Brown

“I had no idea the value these photos would add to me, my business and products. Shawnys' energy and excitement made any apprehension I had melt away. As her skillful eye panned over every shot, she would show me her vision and and I was amazed! I was able to create brochures, menus, website, social media content as well as text/email communications. AND what it did for my confidence I can't even put into words. She exceeded my expectations! These photos increased my customer exposure reach and profits!”

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I capture TRU Heart.

Stories of Resilience

ENTREPRENEURS building their dream

Artists in their expression & creative process sacred moments

I love highlighting the Value of your Business, capturing lifestyle Branding, food and products.

community events and culture

here is some of my recent work, Enjoy

Im here to help level up your small business

lets begin the process! I will walk you through everything.

What you can expect

First , I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOU, AND YOUR NEEDS! step ONE, is to book a consult call with me- (button below) during OUR BRIEF CALL we will discuss your VISION AND needs as well as answer ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE. NEXT, I will share different package options that will best suit your vision, as well as discuss THE NEXT STEP IN THE process. Once we get a date set, The Creative process and level up begins, AND WE ARE ON OUR WAY TO BRINGING YOUR VISION TO LIFE! I AM SO EXCITED TO WORK WITH YOU!

Small Businesses are a big deal- lets capture the value of what you bring to the table.

“TRU Heart PHoto HONORS AND EMPOWERS the voice and story of community, business and culture.
Showing EQUAL TREATMENT and respect to all”